New Age Renegade

90% love it
It's showtime!
Drag shows, rowdy karaoke, and performers who lip sync entire movies, this is a local highlight.


    • jessie83
      jessie83 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      the best bar in town!!
      I love this place. Staff here is awesome. Shows are always a blast. No matter if your gay lesbian a trans boi or girl you can walk in and feel at home. Real laid back with NO DRAMA.

    • chuck.spady
      chuck.spady Over a year ago

      Always love coming here when I visit Tulsa

    • SusieQ
      SusieQ Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best in Tulsa
      This is my favorite LGBT bar in Tulsa! One room is the bar and pool tables, the other room is the stage for drag shows and karaoke, and then there's a large patio. Karaoke is great on Thursdays and OK on Sundays. Drag shows Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, and they're the best in town. The bartenders are my favorite. Be sure to ask about the drink specials of the week, you can get a $2-$3 shot and a $5-$6 mixed drink, always delicious.

    • heartichokeart
      heartichokeart Over a year ago
      Hates it

      No Southern Hospitality Here
      At first glance this was a well decorated and clean establishment! Great beer

    • kenken
      kenken Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Best overall- but WTF?
      Cute bar with very expensive drinks. $8 for a rum and coke is pricey in the midwest. Def. bear and older crowd. Bizzarre drag show where they lip synced B movies and added songs. Again, a LOT of str8, bitchy girls. If a gay man can't go to a gay bar without a girl then he should stay home.

    • Tulsan
      Tulsan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      One of the reasons downtown bars are the best!
      Great place! A Tulsa staple. Great talent,fun atmosphere.

    • ae10478
      ae10478 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Drinks very high
      Good drinks, but every time you order a drink even if its the same drink, it could be a different price. The last drink i ordered was a hurricane and it cost $10. The drag shows on Tuesday night are great. Great job Catia.